Monday, February 22, 2010

Anscoflex fun

It occurred to me that it has been forever since I shared some of my experiments in TTV here on the blog. (For an intro, come visit this old post.)

I think it is because creating TTV images requires a bit more set up than normal. But no more! I am totally resolved to try and do more of these. I looove how they look. And it also helps that I am finally starting to see daylight again on the weekdays.

I found the cooolest camera for $4 at the Fremont Sunday Market (think farmer's market crossed with a crazy cool swap meet). It is an Anscoflex II. It is missing a piece of the lens shield, but it came with a swanky little case. Although this model came out in the 50s, to me, it looks like it belongs in the 60s. So retro.

The viewfinder is soo big and pretty I was actually able to get a few shots off completely without a contraption. It also worked with my Powershot like a little champ. Check it:

I can't wait to start playing with this little guy.


kristen said...

ahh i love ttv! this makes me want to pull my duaflex out.
by the way, i'm a huge fan of your blog :)

Patty said...

Wow, that is gorgeous!!!!! I need to find a camera like this:)

Melissa Mann said...

ok...super freakin' jealous ;-) i NEVER find cool cameras like that...

looks like some good pictures ahead!

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