Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week in the Life: Saturday

Saturday morning let us sleep in a little bit. We ran a few errands (getting gas, going to home depot, grabbing coffee at Macrina) and then made it over to Alki for a lunch of bagels.
I had to iron all our fancy clothes, which were safely hung in the back of the car. Finally, we were ready to go. So we drove down to Tacoma and helped pack the U-Haul full of wedding paraphernalia. We had all the flowers in Greg's car, and were the first ones on site.

I was ostensibly in charge of the decor crew, and we managed as best we could. Thank god for the map that Ashley gave us. If we hadn't had those instructions... well, it would have been bad. Greg helped out by being very tall. He bravely clambered up ladders to get the Japanese paper lanterns up and looking fabulous. Despite a late start (the groom was a wee bit late), everything went off without a hitch.
While the bridal party was off enjoying the sunset with the photographer, Greg and I took a little break outside ourselves. I hijacked one of the paper parasols for a little photoshoot of my own. We watched the sunset together, which was a nice respite from the constant demands of the caterer and the facilities guy. 
And then of course, we partied.

It was a good night all around.
Congratulations my dear friend, it was a fabulous wedding.

(See? I told you so.)

Yes, there ARE more pictures... but they are getting their own book. Which is currently tied for second in queue to get done, after this one. Neiner neiner.


Stephanie said...

I am really digging your week in the life. And getting a bit sad that we don't live a little closer to each other. It would be fun to hang out ;)

Melissa Mann said...

Love all the photos! The wedding looks like it was beautiful!

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