Monday, May 3, 2010

Week in the Life: Sunday

On Sunday, I finally had a chance to relax and chill out. With the pressure of the wedding gone and done, and family obligations abated, and the end of the WIL project happening, I felt like a big weight was off my shoulders. I mean, I had laundry to do, but other than that... looking pretty good for the old to-do list.

I treated myself by going down to Southcenter mall for a little good old fashioned retail therapy. For those of y'all not from around here, it's like a shopping mecca. Among many other stores, you will find in close proximity: a Michaels, a JoAnns, a really good GoodWill, a Tuesday Morning, a Best Buy, several Starbucks, a regular mall including things like Torrid, Nordstroms and Macys and other "big" chain clothing stores, a Borders and a Barnes and Noble, a Target, a couple of movie theaters and an Ikea. (Jealous yet?)

Basically, if you want it, they have it. (Oh, American consumerism...)

Anyway, I started my morning by checking out the sales at Old Navy (where I scored a cute linen top for $6). I then grabbed some coffee at the 'Bux before swinging by my favorite stamp shop Impress. And since Paper Zone was practically next door I had to stop by there too.

It's a dangerous place.

Anyway... after I got home, I futzed around on the internet for a bit, and then cleaned and organized some things in my room and work area, and then worked on editing photos for a while.

And that was my week.


Now you see why I have no time to scrap? Seriously. Okay, well the whole nephew/friend's wedding thing really were some out of the ordinary events, but I hope this explains a little bit why my blog can get so shabby and neglected.

I suppose there could be less trips to the mall, and more blogging. But I'm having fun. ;)

I'm really glad I got to document this period in my life. And now I just have to order the photos and put my book together. YAY!

I promise to post as soon as I have scrappies to share. Which should be soon. :)

Hope you are well and if you've been documenting your week too, in whatever way, let me know. I'd love to see what other people are doing.

Speaking of, I really need to get back on the Flickr bandwagon. Ooh, my scones are done. Gotta go.


maverick diva said...

that starbucks look yummy. and with all the crafts you were up to makes me want to be more productive in making my crafts!


K13 said...

Whoa! Gas is $3.05 there? Ouch!! I guess I should quit complaining although we are getting close to the $3 mark...$2.75 right now.

I love all your scrapping goodness!!

delliechan said...

I've really enjoyed your week in the life pics and stories, those ones of the scrap / paper stores are to die for. There is no where in Australia ( well that I have seen) that has all the great brands like that on the shelf. I buy about 95% of my stuff online and then get hit with stupendous shipping?!?@

eek - i have to organise my week in the life. I'm a first timer, its a bit of a mess .......

danielle said...

first off, what's up with the post before mine???
Secondly, that mall sounds divine, there's notning like that here in Mexico-god, I miss American consumerism...
All your pictures look awesome!

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