Sunday, June 6, 2010

In which I attend a concert

Saturday night a group of us went to see The Glitchmob at the Showbox downtown. This band is one of Greg's favorites, and it was nice to go out to a concert. I haven't been to one in a long time.

We got there about an hour after the doors opened. The sun was just starting to set (aaah summer), and because it was an all ages show, we were still able to snag some good seats in the bar area.

The venue actually has a policy against bringing SLR cameras, so it was just me and my little powershot. I got to really experiment with low light shooting as well as using the slow shutter speed functions. I really wish I had been able to bring the Rebel though... ah well. It was still tons of fun.

There were two really cool opening acts....and one of my friends scored a free demo CD too. :)
And finally the guys from Glitchmob came out to rock the house...
There may have even been dancing... But I'm not confessing to anything.

We got out of the concert pretty late... to late to take public transit home. So we decided to walk over to the Night Kitchen for some grub before catching a taxi home. 
Unfortunately, except for the awesome fries appetizer, the food was not so great, but other than that, it was a very fun evening out.

And I didn't get to bed until three A.M.

Scandalous. Maybe I'm not getting too old for this whole "fun" thing after all. ;)

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Melissa Mann said...

sounds like a good evening :-)

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