Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer travel supply picks

I know I've not posted much scrappiness since my last huge project and mostly, it's because I was taking a little break to focus on some photography fun. And honestly, that book was so super huge and intense that it took me a week to clean up the mess I made making it. In the mean time,  I've mostly confined my non-photography scrap-related activities to...well... shopping. There, I've said it.

Stop reading and step away if you don't want me to enable you. 

Aside from my subscription to Studio Calico kits, and my obsession with Martha punches, I've been very good about using what I've got on hand. I believe they call this "using your stash..."

But, honestly, I am such a huge sucker for travel lines that I just had to get me some goodies this month. 


How can you resist this? You can't.

Well, maybe you can, but I couldn't. 

I am a huuuuge Studio Calico fan. Maybe even a groupie at this point. When they announced a travel line called Documentary, I had to buy it. (And really, I bought it ALL.) I love-ity love this line.

Two words people: Camera paper

I am so hoarding this one for my next city-style vacation. I'm hoping to get back to New York or San Francisco next spring, and I think this line would be fabulous for that.  But I suspect that even with that as my plan, pieces of this line are going to creep into the Portland trip book I am working on. (That one is getting made from the original SC Documentary kit from last summer. Sneaks forthcoming...)

So... for like the third time ever, I bought a paper slab at Michaels. (And also, a bunch of super-cute pre-made embellishments. That was a very unexpected first. But I don't gotta lie to kick it.) I mean, check this out: 
Cuuuuuute. I found this whole line on sale the other day and had to snatch it up. Perfect for beachy-art journalish stuff. Reminds me a great deal of the fabulous stuff that Mary Ann Moss puts together.

So, maybe I will save this one another Alki book, or for that trip to Costa Rica or Hawaii that we are planning for a few years out. I am okay with this as a plan. The stuff is archival quality. It will keep. ;)

(You can start planning the intervention any minute.)

And to show that I do have a little restraint, here are some things that have not yet found their way into my shopping card, but that I might add soon....

I am a little excited by the new Making Memories Panorama 8x8 kit.
I'm not a huge fan of all the papers, but I really like the album and a lot of the embellishments. Maybe I will mix this with Documentary? Hmmmm...

I'm also really excited for the new Slice Summer Design card. Very cute stuff.

Anything I've missed? Would love to hear it.

Happy Tuesday to you.


Rhayne said...

I know it's been out awhile now but I haven't seen much Mama-razzi round here. When I saw it I immediately thought of you!

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Anonymous said...

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Melissa Mann said...

I just bought up that Documentary line from 2peas and got it just this week...it is fabulous!

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