Sunday, June 13, 2010


This particular topic of blogging today is not such a happy one, but it's been on my mind, so that's what I'm writing about today. The photos I'm sharing today are from the Puget Sound (except for the next image below)... which in my opinion, is one of the prettiest places on the whole planet.

I was reminded that I wanted to write this post when I saw the cover of this week's Stranger newspaper.

The devastation of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is an absolute tragedy. It absolutely breaks my heart, the impact of ecological damage that our world will suffer because of this.

Every time I turn on the news, for weeks now.. more and more terrible stories and images are unfolding. I guess I feel so strongly affected by this, even though the actual oil spill is thousands of miles away, because my home is right next to a large natural body of water, and I feel quite strongly affectionate towards these areas and the wildlife that live there. I cannot even imagine how absolutely terrible it must be for those who are so directly impacted by this oil spill.

I feel so sad, at the thought that such lovely environments could be ruined. I feel so scared, and angry, at the thought that something like that could, happen here.

I know that we will be dealing with the consequences of this for some time to come. And I feel so strongly about this horrible situation. And I feel helpless. And unlike the tragedies in Haiti, China, Indonesia, etc. this tragedy is not a result of anything naturally occurring like an earthquake. It was caused by humans.

I am filled with the strong urge to DO something. Thus the blog post. 

I donated to the National Wildlife Federation, but there's also the International Bird Rescue Research Center and Greenpeace, and many others, like, etc.

If you are in the US, I also strongly urge you sign petitions and to write your Senators or your Representatives and let them know that off-shore drilling is a stupid idea.

I know this isn't the usual post for me, and I do promise to get back to the scrappy posting tomorrow, but thanks for letting me get this all out.

take care


Joanne said...

I couldn't have said it better C and couldn't agree with you more! You rock!! I too support the organizations you mentioned and will definitely write my congressmen. I now live in Portland, so totally understand your devastation.

Melissa Mann said...

You are absolutely correct. I live right on the Gulf of Mexico - I work in a condo right on the Gulf - and we have been having tarballs/tarmats/etc. wash up on the beaches the past week. It is absolutely devastating. It is affecting everyone & everything. I wish more people had your attitude about this....

danielle said...

I hear ya-that's why I changed my major from marine biology to health and art when I was in college. It was really upsetting to me and I couldn't let go of the things we humans do to our planet and it's inhabitants.
Thanks for the nice post and reminder.
(P.s., I love Puget Sound-you're so lucky to live close by!)

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