Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scrapbook Pages (sneaks)

So this weekend, despite many social engagements, laundry, and personal needs, I was able to get some time in to work on some scrapbook pages. Hurray!

Mostly I was inspired by the class I am taking right now. Oh, didn't I mention? I'm taking Celine Navarro's Scrap World Cup online class.

Now, here in the U.S., we don't traditionally go crazy over "the footie," but I was totally down to get my scrap on on behalf of all the other soccer-widows, world-wide. ;)

So far, I have one layout done for the class, and one I did just for fun.
I'll try and get them all photographed and fully up on the blog later this week.

I was able to make a dent into a few of my Studio Calico kits, which I am very very pleased about. And it was nice to get my  hands all inky and paint-y again. My WIL book was actually totally lacking in inky-ness, so it was very fun and relaxing to create with that style again.

And of course, I had a ton of fun playing with my martha punches.

And that's my crafty update for today.

Hope you are well.


l.kecovich said...

I love the texture of the black butterfly Christina! What kind of CS did you use? I know what you mean about Martha Stewart punches. I *finally* got hold of the 3 in 1 butterfly punch here in the UK and I got it half price too!

danielle said...

as always, beautiful! Can't wait to see it all.

Michelle said...

Oh, lovely page peeks! :) You never fail to inspire, miss. Can't wait to see the full pages!!

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