Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A girl and her typewriter in the summer

Sometimes all you need is an old friend and a bit of back yard to take some really fun photos. 

There was an assignment for my photography class, and I was having some troubles with it. There was also a blog post I'd been meaning to write for awhile, about some lovely typewriter buttons I received.

So I combined the two. Ah, multi-tasking.

There is a lovely blog called Strikethru which is pretty much all about the typewriter lovin. (I highly reccomend checking them out.) I won some supercute typewriter buttons from Cristina Siravo and really wanted to show them off on the blog.

Enter the yard. 

Our backyard is a wee bit overgrown. So I grabbed the buttons, the typewriter and some cameras and went off to do a photoshoot. 

The button photos did not turn out as well as I was hoping, due to the glare from the very bright sun. I shall have to think of other ways I can show them.

But some of the photos turned out okay. I did a little digital cross processing using some lovely actions I picked up on DeviantArt.

And then I had to run inside to watch the new season of Warehouse 13. Because I am soo addicted.


Bekka said...

These photos are beautiful! I have never considered taking a typewriter outside, but the effect is just lovely!

Melissa Mann said...

Lovely! All of them are just lovely!

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