Monday, July 5, 2010

Love your pictures, love your pages

I'm so excited. Today is the start of a new class by one of my favorite scrappers of all time, the amazing Miss Shimelle Laine.

The class is called Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages. I have a rule that pretty much whenever Shimelle teaches a class, I sign up if I can. Such good value and such a great experience, time after time.

Speaking of photos, I am just finishing up a glorious three day weekend. I got the chance to play with a lot of cameras. Finished a roll on my new wide and slim blue ribbon. Working on finishing a roll of my golden half. Took some polaroids. Took some digital shots too. (Those I'm breaking up into a few different posts. ;)

I was totally lazy, I mean relaxing, the whole time. Aside from the photo snapping, I basically read books and watched movies and napped and cleaned out my closet and hung out with the boy and went shopping and in general, had a fabulous time enjoying life.

So, I've got tons of photo editing to do (mostly in terms of resizing for prints and the blog).

Hope you had a great weekend too. :)


danielle said...

wow- next time I'll have to sign up for that class. Love your pics-that waffle looks delish! I'm hungry...

Stephie C said...

I second that the waffle looks amazing haha....great pics!

oneartistjournal said...

Amazing images you have here for us to enjoy...Enjoy your class.

j.leija said...

oooh, love the shot of your necklace, coffee cup and shoes!! that's a bird's eye (think parrot) if i've ever seen one!

Melissa Mann said...

wonderful pictures!

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