Monday, July 5, 2010

Recent Pages...

Well, I found two of them anyway...

These were both inspired by the class I'm taking from Celine Navarro (Scrap World Cup). Also both were made with a Studio Calico kit.

I actually made this one as a 8.5x11 and then decided to "upgrade" it to a 12x12, just for a little bit more "white space." See, I'm trying!

I just love this photo of us from Ashley's wedding. Fantastic. And as far as that paper goes, I just am so not tired of doilies. Not even a little bit. Also the obsession with the color navy continues. 

And then here, my obsession with butterfly punches is once again displayed. ;)

This was so fun to make. I loved the collage of different photos, and the mix of b&w and color photos.

Alright, back to the photo editing mines... Hope you are having a crafty day!


Melissa Mann said...

Great layouts!

tnt521 said...

Lovely layouts! I especially love your SAM one as I just dragged my daughters there to see the latest shows on Andy Warhol and Kurt Cobain. Love your'S hugely inspiring!

tammy t

Stephie C said...

Ok that layout is stunning! I mean I loved it as an 8.5x11 but then when you upgraded it onto that 12x12 it really added a wow factor! Awesomeness and a great trick to remember thanks for sharing!

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