Monday, July 26, 2010

it's a crewel crewel world...

At this year's Summer Urban Craft Uprising (full post still pending), I got the chance to visit with the fine ladies at Tako Fibers. Their booth is always adorable and this time around, filled with delightful little crewel embroidery kits.

I specifically got this one, the little cloudy pin. I love the colors, and also the fact that each of these kits comes with everything you need to complete one project, as well as a little booklet that shows quite a few samples of different kinds of embroidery stitches.

Crewel embroidery is a type of embroidery that typically uses wool fibers and a variety of stitches. This creates a very distinctive style of product. (Personally, I found this kind of embroidery to be very forgiving for a newbie.)

Due to the heat today, my laptop totally overheated and nearly died. As I was in the midst of a craft party with my good friend Ashley, I pulled out the little kit and got my embroidery craft on.

(this is how we roll when we craft, btw:)

Anyway... here are some shots of my progress. My first task was to master the French Knot. 

It's a pretty good start, anyway. 

I'll keep on working on it and post some follow up shots. 

I'm really excited to learn this stuff, because hello, I want to make embroidery covered things, like minibooks. ;)


Kari said...

love that little cloud! so cute!

Anonymous said...

Embroidered covers for minibooks? That would be the coolest thing ever! :)

Melissa Mann said...

looks good!

danielle said...

How fun and how pretty!

Michelle said...

Oh, cute!! I love the look of crewel & have nabbed little books about it, but haven't given it a go, myself! Can't wait to see it done! :)

emily rose said...

Your french knots look lovely :) yay!
thanks for all the kind words as well!

-Emily from tako fibers

Kathryn said...

this is too cute!

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