Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Party Recap

Every summer, Greg's folks throw a huge party to celebrate the various family birthdays that happen in the months of June and July.

There is always lots of good food, fun & games, laughter and plenty of cool people to hang out with.

Also there was some tree climbing, marshmallow roasting, and some music playing fireside. 

It was a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

i think that's a neat idea to celebrate the cluster of bdays. any reason for gathering family, food and fun.

lynda in calif

Lee said...

Your pictures are beautiful!! What a lovely assortment of captured moments!!

Random question - how do you make those awesome square collages? Is that a technique you do just for your blog, or do you print them that way, as well, for other purposes? Just curious...

JCM said...

Wow! Some very nice pictures, thanks so much for taking these and sharing them.
The birthday boy.

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