Monday, August 9, 2010

I heart pictures mini album

This last weekend I went on a major cleaning/organizing/purging binge. I am soo happy with my space right now. (Photos will be posted later.)

But one of the things I was most pleased with was the fact that I completely tackled my unfinished project box. It was really liberating. I threw out one project that had been completely and utterly frustrating me. I took another and ripped it apart to start over. I got some great direction on another project... And I completely finished another one.

Back in 2008 I got a lovely minibook kit/class from Kristina Contes. I got about half way through finishing it, and then for some reason (design team deadlines, I think) I put it away and forgot about it.

The book is basically an altered photo album. It was a blast to make (even though I had to finish it without the original instructions). But can I tell you how much I hate taking pictures of things in page protectors. OMG the glare. Anyway... here's the finished book.

It's so interesting to try and "go back" to a prior style.
Hope you liked it!

Happy Monday.


Genevieve said...

Love it! Your choice of papers and colours are always spot on, I love your style :) And you've inspored me to go back into my basket of unfinished minis and see what I can do! (I know for sure I want to finish my December Daily from last year...)

Melissa Mann said...

I LOVED this project kit by her! I wish I had another one to do again! Love seeing how yours turned out! Makes me want to go find mine and look through it :-)

heyjenrenee said...

so completely rad! you're gonna think i'm lying, but i totally busted out this exact same kit over the weekend ... so much potential! but i'm still finding photos to put in it. looking at your awesome finished project def put me in the mood to get going on it. thanks!

amy lapi said...

SUCH a great idea!! i definitely want to do this :) that mini is fantastic.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

i love love love your pages! how have i not seen them yet?????

Stephanie said...

I can't wait for you to visit. I love this!

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