Friday, August 6, 2010

Mobile Chowdown

This is one of those "catch up posts." Last month we attended one of the summer Mobile Chowdowns (street cart food fests). For some reason, Seattle is just one of those cities that does not do food cart culture. We have a few here and there, but nothing like say, New York or Portland. 

So the fact that there is a jamboree of tastiness every few months is very much appreciated. This particular chowdown was held at the Seattle Center on a very beautiful and hot sunny day. With cash in our pockets and empty bellies we ventured forth...

We noshed on barbeque from a giant iron pig (mine was veggie, of course). Tasty refreshing lemonades, begnets and some poutine! Total indulgence.

And you know, it's not summer without a delicious ice cream cone. This one from Parfait had a particularly lovely pattern on the fresh wafflecone I devoured.

It's a good thing that our parking spot was quite a distance away. Helps to burn the calories, you know?


Melissa Mann said...

Looks like fun!

tnt521 said...

Gorgeous photos! Looks like fun. Hope to catch one someday...or at least try the barbeque from the pig or the ice cream truck!

tammy t

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