Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The best camera is the one you have with you

So... I went a little MIA from the internet due to my vacation this week. It was so relaxing. The trip was full of  pretty scenery, decent food and quality time with my sweetie (photo recap pending). It was indeed good times. But one bad thing did happen that I am compelled to share today.

On our hike through the Hoh Rain Forest, I forgot to take my Ipod out of my (supposedly) rainproof backpack. This lack of electronics paranoia cost me my Ipod, because when the backpack soaked through, enough water got through that the Ipod was basically ruined. (funnily enough, this was the same backpack that my Rebel died in... it's possibly cursed, at this point) I tried letting my poor little pod dry out (even used some rice) but when I took it to the Apple store today, it was pronounced DOA.

Single tear. Moment of silence, etc etc.

On the bright side, I got to turn in my old Ipod classic to be recycled and that got me a sweet 10% discount on a fancy new Ipod Touch (4th gen). It's got pretty much everything I like about the IPhone, without the pesky phone or service plan part.

I picked up free apps for google reader, flickr and twitter. The WiFi coverage in Seattle is pretty good, and I'm so excited to play with these.

Of course I was most excited about the camera feature. And Apps! And learning to type with my thumbs!

I picked up the hipstamatic, the plastic bullet and the incredibooth apps.

Here are some samples from our walk through the Arboretum this evening.

Plastic Bullet Shots

Incredibooth shots

Couldn't get any shots from the hipstamatic as the app crashed... will try to get more later this week.

So in love with these. All the lo-fi goodness of toy cams with the instant gratification of digital. Hurray.

Do you have any suggestions for cool apps I should know about? Tell! Tell!

Peace out. I'm going back to work tomorrow so I'm going to try and go to bed at a reasonable hour. Bleh.

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Melissa Mann said...

oh! Super jealous! I'm hoping to get one of those for Christmas :-)

Can't wait to see all the picture goodness!

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