Sunday, October 10, 2010

True Things

  • All of my photographs taken in the last two weeks have been with my ipod touch. I feel like I should be taking more photos with my other cameras, but this is what is easiest to use right now.
  • Hipstamatic, Classic Toy and Plastic Bullet are my three new favorite camera apps.
  • I have been taking photos daily. And have been very inspired by the shots I've captured. Even though a friend said that they were all so random it looked like someone had given a child with ADD access to a camera for the first time.
  • I haven't blogged in about ten days. This makes me cranky. And slightly disappointed in myself.
  • Super behind on crafty things I want to accomplish. Accepting it. Moving on with living life. There will be plenty of time for documentation later.
  • Work is good. But very very busy. I had to work from home on Saturday to crank out a project for a deadline. Didn't like it, but that's part of being a grownup and having this kind of job. 
  • I am so, so grateful to work at Starbucks and have the job I do. It is a fascinating time for our company. Also accessibility to this much caffeine has never been needed more in my life.
  • Today I spent the day working on Halloween crafts with a good friend. I had a really great time. I started a minibook using BG Eerie and began working on a banner and some cupcake toppers for our yearly Halloween Bash.
  • This year's party theme is: Superheros vs. Supervillains. I remain undecided about which side of the law my costume will align with.
  • Every weekend between now and December 11th is fully booked with major social activities and/or traveling. This includes: a Halloween Craftfest Day (accomplished today), a trip to Victoria BC with some girlfriends, a trip to TN to visit a dear internet friend, Halloween weekend (cleaning and party prep!), a trip to SAM to see the new Picasso Exhibit, a Christmas Craftfest Day with friends, CKC Seattle, SteamCon, Thanksgiving, Urban Craft Uprising... and probably a few more weeknight things which I am totally forgetting about. I also at some point, would like to go to a First Thursday ArtWalk and also check out the new ArtFest Annex space. See above comment re: caffeine. 
  • I have plans to eventually make minibooks for all of these events, and have even begun gathering supplies in advance so I can pounce on scrappiness when I can.

  • Contemplating changing up the blog a bit. Will get to it when I have the time. Most computer time recently is taken up with editing/formatting photos. 
  • Brainstorming ideas for new tutorials and value add items re blog content for my beloved readers. ;)
  • Am about 75% done with my LSNED book. Have a few more photos to edit and then send to Costco for printing. Really want to get this one done. Planning on a much simpler book for next year.
  • Need to get a few emails and packages out the door. This is weighing on me. Must prioritize. 

  • Twitter is so great for micro-blogging.
  • I'm sad that the sun is setting so early these days. Also that it has been raining quite a bit recently.
  • I think Macrina makes the most delicious soup in all of Seattle.
  • My laptop has four broken keys, and is completely missing the delete key. I need to get it fixed/replaced, and I think it is still under warranty, but I don't know if I can be without a laptop for the two weeks it would take to fix it.
  • I'm continuing to practice texting with my thumbs. I've improved quite a bit
and those are my random truths for today.

hope you are well. 

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Melissa Mann said...

wowza!! sounds like you have a FULL schedule through the end of the year!! Lovin' all the photos!

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