Sunday, November 28, 2010

This week...

Okay, so my recent blog posts have been sketchy at best. This last week has been super crazy busy. Let's do a little recap.

First, early last week we had a serious snow fall. This allowed me to work from home two days in a row. One of the days our internet was out, so we escaped to Greg's parents' house to use their internet and drink hot cocoa. And Greg's mum made cookies. Mmmm.

I got a rather nasty cold... and made the mistake of going into work. I was promptly sent home.. which was good.. Things are rather fuzzy for a few days there. 

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. Greg's parents did most of the cooking for dinner, but since as an American female I am genetically programmed to cook on this holiday, I got up and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. And then of course I made the traditional fruit salad of my people to bring over for dinner.

I didn't take a lot of photos during Thanksgiving. It was more about being in the moment than documenting it. I was trying that out quite a lot this last week. 

I took a vacation day and had Black Friday off. The boy was occupied by gaming with his friends, so I decided to brave Downtown and do a little shopping. I would normally have avoided physical shops, except one of my super secret Christmas errands required my physical presence at a location. ;)

Saturday was for lazing around the house with the boy and then visiting the Picasso exhibit at the SAM in the early evening. It was amazing. 

(The Picasso peep was at Cafe Ladro, across the street from the museum. I thought he was pretty great.)

After the museum, we went over to a friend's house for Thanksgiving 2: The Revenge. We watched bad 80s movies and ate lots of yummy food.

Today was about cleaning and getting ready to return to work tomorrow. At least, I tried.. and then I got bored with being practical and decided to get coffee and go to Pacific Antiques Gallery. It's good that I did, because I got the best deal ever on this little stamp carousel. Twelve bucks for the carousel AND some vintage stamps. Mega-score.

Also I worked on my December Daily book. It's coming along rather well. I'm going to pick embellishments and get some journaling spots ready. 

Later this evening we went go Greg's parents' house to celebrate his brother's birthday. There were Wii games and pie. 

And that was pretty much how the week went. Phew... see? Busy times.

Hope your week was nice too. :)


kristy.lynn said...

i can't wait to see your december daily! your mini's never fail to amaze me! :)

Stephanie said...

Oooh, jealous of your stamps and you beat my by 8 bucks! Dangit!

Melissa Mann said...

Super dee duper jealous of the stamp carousel and stamps!! I NEVER see those kinds of goodies in the stores around here! Sounds like it was a great Thanksgiving holiday!!!

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