Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 12 - A very vintage holiday

Rainy Sundays in December are perfect for trawling at Pacific Antiques Gallery. 

You know how much I love this place normally, well, that amount of love just about doubles when they break out the holiday stuff. If you look carefully and watch for dealer sales, you can find great deals too. 

For example, see that gold and silver set of ornaments in the second photo collage? Yeah, I got those for $4.50. They are plastic, but I really liked the patina and the shapes.And yay for re-using old stuff!

I tend to like a more rustic, classic looking holiday decor look (see earlier post re: Farm Chicks book). I think if my taste in Christmas decorations had a name, it would probably align with the whole "birchwood chalet" thing they have at Target.

Also, glitter is basically a forbidden item in our house. So it totally works out. ;)

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Steph Wheeler said...

Make sure to save a date for me when I visit - PAG is a must!

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