Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 18 - I'm dreaming of a white elephant

The Saturday before Christmas! Dum dum dum.

What is the one thing you should probably avoid? Yup, going near a mall. Guess what I did first thing in the morning? Yeah.. had to pick a little something up because I got an order in at the stamp store.

Went out for a nice coffee with the boy and was able to catch a glassblowing demo at Avalon Glassworks. It was a pretty cold day, so the heat of the glass furnace was quite welcome.

We took a brief chilly walk in the Arboretum, and then went down to Uwajimaya's to pick up Udon supplies. Nothing like some hot soup to warm you up on a day like that.

In the evening, we went to my friend Ashley's Christmas party and enjoyed delicious snacks and beverage and an exceedingly amusing white elephant gift exchange. I gave a pair of snowman (and snow-woman) salt and pepper shakers and we ended up taking home a magna-doodle (with belt clip!) and a toy microphone (for my inner diva?).

It was good to mingle with such nice folks, though we did have to leave by 11 due to some road construction issues. Such a busy day, but much merriment was accomplished.

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