Sunday, December 19, 2010

Curl up by the fire

It has been so insanely crazy these last few days. Totally behind on blogging.

I found these two things though, which may amuse. If you lack a fireplace (as I do) but you still want to curl up in front of a fire during the holiday season, you totally can. Virtually.

I found this lovely video of a fireplace burning away. It seems like it might be nice to just put it up on fullscreen and listen to some lovely stories. Like these Russian folktales.

I got sent to these lovely Christmas podcasts from Toast. I'm enjoying them quite a bit. You know... when I squeeze in a few moments of leisure here and there.

I've been crafting quite a bit lately, unfortunately, as the season dictates, a lot of it is secret and gift-related. However, I'm hoping to have some catch up time later today to get some photos edited and up on the blog.

Till then, hope you enjoy these two silly little things. ;)

1 comment:

Faithful Crafter said...

Hey Christina, Really enjoyed stopping by and visiting your blog. You have a great view of life and like the way you present things. Have a Merry Christmas, Valerie

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