Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 19 - Shop until I....

After the festivities of the evening before, I was pretty tired. But it was my last full free day to get some shopping done on the weekend before Christmas, so I braved the retail crowds to get some errands done and to take advantage of a few last minute sales.

My first stop was Anthropologie, where they had had some spools of twine waiting for me (I called ahead to reserve). I got the very last spool of black and white 10-ply cotton twine in WA (I know, because I checked). It is so delicious and thick, I picked up a spool of blue as well. And it was half off. Hurray!

I always love visiting Anthro during the holidays. There is so much pretty visual inspiration, which totally translates into gift and crafty decor ideas. 

After Anthro, I continued my hunt for twine by going to Crate and Barrel, where I got a 2lb spool of 4-ply red and white baker's twine for seven dollars. Score. I am set for twine for life now. 

I stopped by Trader Joes (such cheap cider) and a few other places as well. And then I went home and crashed. Shopping is seriously hard work. ;)

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