Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 21 - Winter Solstice

We completely ended up not being able to see the lunar eclipse (it was raining, surprise, surprise.

Kind of last minute, Greg decided he wanted to throw a party for the solstice at our place (on a worknight, no less!). Apparently it is a tradition in Greg's family that on the Solstice, they light a fire (to you know, keep back the darkness and ensure the light comes back and all that stuff).  

We ended up stealing his parent’s fire pit (they were off in Hawaii, so it was okay), and I put my Martha Stewart act on. I made some spicy sugar cookies and mulled cider. I also made a bouquet of marshmallows on skewers. Greg acquired some meat.

A surprising number of people came (that’s an understatement—we had a totally full house). We lit the fire, cooked food on it, played games and in general, had a great time. The only sad part was having to go to sleep relatively early (at 1am) so that I could function at work the next day. It was good to spend time with our lovely friends though. And a great way to celebrate the solstice.

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