Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sketchbook Project Art Journal: Part Seven

I made the book in layers, and sometimes the topic I picked just happened to serendipitously match up with a page. The second page here is a prime example of something just working out really well (the clock face) with the journaling prompt.

I started building the layers of the book by just randomly glueing scraps of scrapbook paper and anthro and urban catalogs on the pages. Then I went through and used paint and spray ink to add some more texture.
Then I went in with the washi tape and went crazy with my stamps. I added some extra pages and ripped out others. Then I went in and did the journaling, adding a few more embellishments (mostly labels and letter stickers) here and there.
Finally I went and did a few last bits of distress work, signed my name to it and shipped it off.

I wish I'd taken a bit more in-progress photos, but it was the holidays so I was a wee bit busy. There are actually quite a few more things I wish I had done with this project (like work on it for the five months I had it but didn't touch it), but I think it still worked out pretty okay. It was a good experience, so that's what counts.

Hope you've enjoyed the whole week of daily posts! I still have another twentysomething more sets to share, so see you again tomorrow!

(and the next day, etc)


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