Sunday, February 27, 2011

Washi Tape Idea book

If you are ever in Seattle and you are a stationary, copic marker or gel pen nerd and/or like cute Japanese things, you must visit Kinokuniya book store (next to Uwajimaya) in the International District.

Two words: washi tape.

I have previously sung the praises of this fabulously cute patterned masking tape, but in case you were unaware, prepare to be enabled.

Unsurprisingly, Kinokuniya bookstore sells books (in addition to all kinds of Asian magazines, books, manga, stationary, music, etc). Some of the books are in English, but the majority are not. But let's face it. When it comes to art/inspiration books, mostly, we just care about the pictures.

So I happily snagged this cute little washi tape inspiration book because of the number of color and project ideas that lay within. (If you google washi tape inspiration book, you can see that there are all kinds of options. If you are interested in this one, I think you can call Kinokunya and order it shipped anywhere. ISBN978-4-05-404387-9)

Check it:

I really liked the variety of projects and examples of different patterns of tape used. I am so totally inspired by this book right now. Even if I can't read the instructions. ;)

What's inspiring you today?


Hagit said...

The Japanese just know how to make books! It doesn't matter what the book is about, it'll always be such a treat to look through. When I was in Japan, they had lots of books about Parisian apartments (don't know why...), and I couldn't stop looking through them - the photos, the small styling ideas, everything is always so perfect! :-) Thanks for sharing this one, I love washi tape!

tnt521 said...

Oh no! I am feeling totally enabled...I love that store! And am in need of some more tape...will be on the look out for the book as well!

tammy t

Melissa Mann said...


Michelle Clement said...

Oooh - keeping that store in mind next time I visit Seattle!! :) Lovely! The book looks *so* inspiring!

longlegsrule said...

you can get washi tape at looks to be cheaper than some other sites

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