Monday, February 28, 2011

Our (very brief) Snow Day

Sorry East Coast people... we have just not been getting any snow up here. Until last week. For about 12 hours. We finally got some snow. But it was gone in about a day. Didn't even get to stay home from work as, predictably, the city proper was not impacted very much... but the 'burbs had some pretty nasty icy roads for a while.

Extra socks and hot cocoa pretty much saved the day. After work I made Greg make his famous steel cut oatmeal for dinner. And then I hid out in my jammies and read a book. 

And that was how I handled our teeny tiny snowpocalypse 2011.


IctoRude said...

That's so strange that you guys didn't get much snow,
here in southern California in the mountains it was packed on :o

Michelle Clement said...

he he - we just got snow here in Vancouver for the first time this year, yesterday! But it's on it's way out with the rain - today is my cocoa day! :) And your photos are lovely!

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