Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Curiosities: First Class

A few weekends ago I taught my very first live in-person class at Paper Zone Seattle.

I was so nervous and sleep deprived and excited. I forgot to bring my SLR. And I mixed a few things up. But it ended up being amazing anyway, because I had four incredibly lovely and talented students. We had a good time getting crafty.

Despite my silliness, people were really concentrating!

I was completely blown away by how talented these ladies were. Look at that crafty goodness!

I know. Totally adorable. I am SO proud of these ladies. They were so brave about misting and having imperfection! And dealing with my rambling. ;)

And look at the extremely cool book Christina posted on the PZ blog. I love how she customized it with the little touches of purple. Isn't her daughter adorable?

And the good news is that I'm going to be teaching the class again at the store on April 10th. Here are the details. Also, if you take the class, you get a 15% off coupon for Paper Zone. Pretty sweet.

And if you're not local, don't worry. Online options will be available shortly (need to film a few videos first), and any leftover kits will be sold in the Etsy. I'll put up an announcement when they're available. (But if you really can't wait, let me know and I'll get a wait list put together.)  ;)


Kristi said...

Goof for you! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Paulette said...

I CANT WAIT!!! I would love a kit! I love ALL your work! You are a genius! Please e-mail me about the kits: You will make me very happy ;)

Lisa-Jane said...

Wow, I wish I was closer!

Aimee said...

I wish I had known about it C! I would have come up!

Melissa Mann said...

I'd love a kit too, Christina!

A Cup of Sparkle said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am the girl with the black long sleeve shirt and black hair who is smiling big in the pictures :)
It was a great class and I have tons of fun. I was sooo impressed with what you have prepared for us to work with,,, all those colorful papers, birds, butterflies, paints, boxes, glue, all sorts of supplies...
I have not finished my scrapbook since I was working on making some jewelry for my Etsy shop for this spring, but; hoping to finish it soon and will post in on my blog.

Jennifer said...

Damn, I'll be out of town on the 10th ... count me in for an Etsy kit. :)

baby crib said...

Looks like your lens really help you with all the photos! So beautiful.

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