Tuesday, March 22, 2011

instax love

just wanted to share a quick post with a photo that kind of sums up my month. Busy! Full of stuff!

Have been taking a lot of photos with my new instax camera lately.

Aside from being incredibly cute and durable (totally can shoot in the rain with this bad boy), it's helping me fill up my 7gypsies receipt holder quite well.

working on a minibook, a sewing project, and a class blog right now. hope to get back on schedule soon.

hope you are well. :)


WillieburgScrapper said...

It was one of your blog posts on the Instax that inspired me to go out and get one. I really love how your receipt holder is turning out! I'm still getting a hang of shooting with mine but I love the fussy nature of the lens and the cool color effects. Do you have a source for film that is a bit more moderate in price? Here in NYC the double packs are selling for 18 dollars! Thanks!

toliveinspired said...

looks great! I am waiting for my Instax to come it's the wide format one though! Super excited about that, its my birthday gift from my hubby! Love the Receipt holder, I want one but I could not find one any of the in person places did you get yours online?

K Cup Coffee said...

All look great . Thank you for sharing with us.

amy lapi said...

ooh i can't wait to see all of your projects. can you show us more of your instax display? it looks really cute.

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