Thursday, April 7, 2011

Interlude: Antique Inspiration

I've just spent the last four days completely knocked out with a cold. Unplugged and totally in a fugue. But I'm feeling better.

And I have quite a bit of catching up to do!

Emails and blogging and photo editing. And a minibook or three on the desk. ;)

Until I get back to my somewhat normal state, please enjoy some vintage yummies from a recent trip to Pacific Antiques Gallery.


Joanne said...

You've been missed on the ol' blog! Hope you are starting to feel better...looking forward to seeing your Portland mini!

Elisabeth Costa said...

LOVE your photos!! What is in that gorgeous box in the second photo? (old eyeglasses?) Do hope you're feeling better soon:)

Nathalie said...

Beautiful photography as always!!! Hope you feel better for just in time for the weekend! :D

Bekka said...

Taking photos in antique stores is a favorite pastime of mine!

PastelDaisies said...

Aren't they just gorgeous...?? I love how you snap your make me NOT want to look away.

tnt521 said...

Love that place SO much. Thank you for the introduction to it!

tammy t

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