Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank You Tags

My big task for tonight and tomorrow is to double check all the kits for the class I'm teaching on Sunday. (More on that here, and my local peeps can call PaperZone to check on availability).

I had a dire urge to get crafty tonight though, so I busted out the ink and made up some cute altered tags. I've been thinking about Etsy and branding and such, and I really like these kinds of details for my customers. ;)

Edited to add how to details:

  1. Emboss ATCs using Big Shot and various embossing folders
  2. Slice off corners to make ATC look like a tag
  3. Swipe various colors of Distress Ink over tags
  4. Add strip of washi tape down the middle
  5. Punch label from kraft paper
  6. Stamp sentiment and tiny stars
  7. Glue label to tag
  8. Punch hole in the top
  9. Set an eyelet
  10. Tie with cute string (not pictured)
  11. Enjoy cute tag!

I'm almost done with the Class website, so I'll have the listings for the class (on sale for $5) next week. I'll also list extra class kits at that time too. More to come.

I have to get ready for a friend's birthday party, but I hope you are having a great weekend!


Chocolate Mousie said...

I love doing my own gift tags. I have yet to emboss them, but seeing yours makes me want to do it even more now.

Nathalie said...

No embossing machine here but I do love the look of your wonderful tags!

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