Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spin me right round like an atc holder

I've had one of those 7 Gypsies vintage ATC carousel things just sitting around on my shelf forever. Being sad and dusty. Well, this weekend I resolved to un-neglect it for a while.

I got to thinking about how much I love making ATCs. Because they are tiny and cute. And achievable in scale. And about how I haven't really made any in a while. Art journaling and tags are close, but not quite the same.

And then I found some ATC stuff on clearance at the art supply store. And got the mad idea to put these things together. And became really inspired by the whole red and cream and black thing that these classic Gypsy products had going on. And I remembered this new line that would coordinate quite perfectly.. that I really want to use up on something fun...

And well, this happened.

Yes... so now the plan is to fill it up with crafty goodness and photos until it is so fat that it is packed full. I think I can manage it. Not quickly, obviously, but it should be fun.

Not sure if I want to do a theme, or just random general "life is beautiful" kind of stuff.


Vianki said...

I'm new to your blog but i'm totally loving how pretty and creative everything is! I love how your paper-art looks like top-of-the-line graphic design!

Maybe this is a silly question, but what does ATC stand for?

i have an idea said...

Just thought I'd stop and say hi! I've just discovered your blog and got so carried away reading it I realised I'd been reading for 90mins!!! Love your creativity and cant wait to see how you fill this up! xox

off the hook handcrafted accessories said...

nice! I look forward to being inspired by your atcs.

kybarb said...

Great idea! I've got one too and it is no where near full--I like your idea of adding photos!

Melissa Mann said...


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