Thursday, June 9, 2011


Thinking a lot about travel these days. This is not going to be a big year for it.

That's okay. I've got a cute suitcase and some plans for next year.

This layout was made using some scraps from the Portland Mini (still in progress). I really love how it turned out. Something about that bit of yellow just grabs me. ;)


Jaszmurka said...

Really beautiful! Colors are fantastic :)

Christina said...

This makes me YEARN to travel! You are incredibly talented, and I love checking in to see what's new for you.

I'm also a Christina ... lol ... also a Seattle native ... lol ... also love Starbucks ... lol ... and use lol too much ... :)

It's terribly fun to recognize our beautiful city and its gorgeous locales through your talented eyes.

So ... Thank you! :) Some day, maybe I can buy you a grande nonfat iced caramel macchiato? Oh, with an extra shot, of course.

SandrinEve said...

Beautiful LO

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