Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunday Market

I ventured forth to Fremont Sunday Market last week in search of treasures (and a haircut).

The powershot and the holga both came out with me. Need to finish the roll of film, but here are some digital photos of my lazy June afternoon wanderings.

(Apologies about the black lines, but these are the print versions, and that's a little something I add to my files to make sure Costco doesn't crop or cut them weird)

The haircut was achieved quite successfully, and I did get a cute little ruler, some vintage wallpaper and some lovely vintage jewelry. None of which, interestingly, actually made it into these photographs.

Hmmm, will have to follow up on that. ;)

Happy Friday!


Heather said...

love love love your photos! looks like a fun market to visit :)

Cara-Mia said...

Love the photos! I especially love the letterpress blocks... I'm collecting ampersand letterpress blocks for my wedding centerpieces. :)

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