Sunday, June 12, 2011

N&A Wedding Book: Part One

On my previous blog post about unfinished projects, I mentioned that there was a baby book and a wedding book I was simultaneously working on as a gift for some good friends.

I was recently able to finish the baby book (to be posted later today), but haven't quite finished the wedding book yet. One of the reasons for that is that unlike the baby book where my friend is going to be putting in photos and journaling herself, I'm actually making the wedding book with photos.

And we all know that that is one of the major chokepoints for me in the creative process.

Anyway, I wanted to share what I had finished so far on this book, so that when I post the baby book, you can see the similarities (I planned the baby book as a companion, so it would look a bit like a set - I'm crafty that way).

Both books have an old Karen Russel Creative Imaginations easel book as the base. I grabbed a bunch of these from the dollar booth at the last CKC I attended, and it was a great investment. For gift projects, it's really nice to have something cute and put together as a base.

The book also uses Creative Imaginations stickers and journaling paper, as well as some Cosmo Cricket EverAfter papers.

So, off to a pretty good start. Aren't they adorable?

Just a photo of the rest of the blank pages to work on. Now I just need to finish editing some photos from the wedding, stick them in and embellish.

Hope your weekend is going well. Back in a bit with the baby girl book. (It's a big'un)

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