Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lovely Stationaries

Can I just tell you how much I love living in Seattle? All the benefits of urban life, but nature-ish stuff is still fairly close to hand. Also good food and fusion of culture. And I can buy cute Japanese paper goods anytime I want without needing to pay for shipping.

I have previously spoken of my love for Kinokuniya bookstore and I found myself there recently one afternoon after work (I had a major jones for an iced sesame bubble tea, and it is right next door). They recently remodeled and it's a very good thing, because their stationary and washi section was majorly expanded. 

I used my discount card to pick up some Cath Kidston washi tape and an adorable magazine about cute Japanese paper goods called (as far as I can tell) Lovely Stationaries. Bbetween this and the copy of Mollie Makes I picked up, I'm about to declare this the summer of the cute international magazine.

Even though there's pretty much no chance of being able to buy the adorable items shown in the magazine, there are plenty of cute DIY and other inspiration ideas to make it a good read. Or at least, good to just look at the pictures. ;)

Hope you enjoyed a bit of the color from this today. Have a great night!


Nathalie said...

I have the same store about 1 hr and half from me and even though I can't justify buying the lovely books they carry (esp. crafty ones), it is the best place to buy tapes! Thank you for sharing now I want to go back!

Elisabeth Costa said...

SO jealous about the cute store!! LOVE washi tape and those craft books are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing and enjoy:)

Danielle said...

I lived in Seattle for about a year right after I graduated from college. I miss it for all the reasons you listed above & especially when there are cute paper goods stores involved.

tnt521 said...

Love that store so much...needing a fix...esp. after seeing the tape! Loveley! Enjoy your goodies!

tammy t

WillieburgScrapper said...

I'm getting craft envy- all the Korean and Japanese stationaries have closed here in NYC- but there are still plenty of GAP and McD's- it's so totally warped and annoying. Happy shopping!

Sandy said...

I love this magazine! Great tape too. I have a collection of washi tape myself. Oh and magazines too.

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