Thursday, June 30, 2011

the state of my desk

I'm quite hard at work over here working on crafty things. One of the things I can share right now is the state of my desk: a big old mess.

I am not a clean crafty person. When the art gets made, the stuff comes out. And then goes everywhere. The current project is a result of the fact that I discovered that I was running low on thank you tags for my shop, so I pulled out the big shot and the inks and got to creating.

These are all just at the ATC phase. Next I'll clip the corners to make them look like tags and punch a hole and add the cute "thank you" label part.

Oh, so looking forward to the long weekend ahead. It will be a great time to get caught up. And hopefully the skies will be calm on Saturday and I will be going up for the previously delayed hot air balloon ride. We'll see.

Happy Friday!


Joanne said...

oh these are beautiful! Love the colors and designs...and the state of your desk...looks just like mine! One cannot be neat and create great art!

Anonymous said...

Really nice! Love the messy desk!!! I do the same & end up with a lil 6x6 spot where I create

Lynda in calif

Willow said...

I completely understand! I have a habit of emptying bins of previously organized craft materials onto my desk...things get disorganized very quickly! :)

kybarb said...

Would love to know who makes the chevron/herringbone stamp that you used in one of your cards. Thanks

scrapbookertink said...

Looks very interesting, you sure look busy on some kind of project.

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