Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 Reasons to Love Summer

I am super excited to share the details of an upcoming class I am teaching for Impress Rubber Stamps in August! The class is called 10 Reasons to Love Summer and is all about documenting ten things you love about this time of year. We're going to make a 6x6 minibook using some very cool products (American Crafts, Memory Box, October Afternoon, Tim Holtz, Hambly, Catslife Press and more).

In this class we are going to be playing with stamping, layered cardstock embellishments, transparencies, tissue tape, tags, journaling promtps, and page sketches. The kit will include almost 150 individual items (lots of little details), most  of which are assembled and hand-crafted by me (I do most of the work, and the scrapping goes easier for the student).

Here are a few of the details:

Please contact your local Impress Store (I'm doing one class at each of the three locations) if you'd like to sign up. The cost is $35.00 and class dates are August 06, August 13, and August 27.

And if you go into a store between now and the class date, you can actually get to handle a physical sample of the class minibook, if you need any help deciding. :)

For my non-local folks, extra kits will be going up for sale on the etsy as of August 15, and I'm working on a companion class blog for all the instructions to be saved online. Prices will be TBD, depending on actual sign ups.

I have to say, this is probably my best class project yet. There's been a lot of care and consideration put into making this as easy as possible for a new scrapper (or a really busy one). There's plenty of room for customization, and you get to play with some pretty cute product.

I'm really excited to be teaching this (and nervous too, of course). 

Questions? Comments? Feeback? 
Love to hear it. 

Happy Friday!


Sandy said...

This looks great. Wish I lived close to Impress. I'll wait for the online version.

Michelle*G said...

Love this and I'm putting a reminder on my calendar for 8/15! The cover is gorgeous and the peeks are inspiring...looks like a great class.

Jennifer said...

Super excited ... I'm signed up for the Tukwila class. :)

Rebecca said...

This looks absolutely awesome - I'll definitely be waiting for those extra kits online!! :)

alissa said...

This looks like an awesome class!
I will have to wait for the online version and a kit.

Melissa Mann said...

gah! I wanna go!!!! I DEFINITELY want a kit to buy!! Super impressed, Christina!

Danielle said...

Also eagerly awaiting the online kit. Looks fantastic!

Jennifer said...

BTW - Are there any supplies or pictures we'll need for the class?

Donna said...

This class kit looks amazing and I am thrilled to hear you will be selling them on Etsy .. I will definitely need one!

Ninie said...

This is amazing...haha. Unfortunately, we don't have summer in my country, Malaysia. I enjoy reading blogs written in English.

Danielle said...

I have been waiting to take one of your classes and I think this is it! Although, it will be the online version for me, unless you plan on doing a class in Northern Cali! ;-)

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