Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CHA-S 2011 Favorites (now with Pinterest!)

Ugh! So I haven't had any time to put together a July Pinterest check in post-yet, but I will. At some point. Probably on or near the beginning of August ;)

Anyway.. this week is the summer version of the Craft and Hobby Association trade show. Basically, it's where manufacturers show off their new goodies for retailers to purchase.

There has been a bit of buzz and hullaballoo on the internet as far as new stuff and sneak peeks and all that. Personally, I have been keeping track of things that are catching my eye on a pinterest board here.

Scrapbook update has been doing a fabulous job of maintaining a links list to new stuff, sorted by manufacturer. PAnd if you want yet more, previous CHA-related posts from me can be found here. Also, I highly recommend this week's paperclipping roundtable podcast, and the video blogs at if you want to go totally multimedia on the goods.

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