Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This is what patience looks like

For many many months I have patiently waited, watched, and put up with the blackberries in my front yard. So, after a long wait, the blossoms showed up.

And the bees did their business, and the blossoms fell away. Little green berry buds began to grow. 

After a few weeks, some of the baby berries started to turn red.

And then... we got a bunch of hot weather and the vines in the backyard grew at such a rate that we began referring to them as "the kraken," and started pricing urban goat rentals (not kidding). Especially when we noticed some of them started to grow up on the roof.

And they grew. And I checked one of those little black berries every day, until finally, they just began to fall off the bushes.

And it was time to do battle. But I won with only a few scratches. This was my reward:

And this was Greg's reward:

And this? This was breakfast, my friends. Delicious, delicious blackberry pie with not a thing it it but some cornstarch (to thicken) honey, orange juice and penzey's cinnamon. Nom.

It's probably for the best that this happens only once a year. ;)


RachelG said...

You enable me in so many ways. Now I need to buy my own bush!! Wait...what?!Lol

Melissa Mann said...


JCM said...


Lee said...

That looks delicious...and I love how simple the ingredient list is. Can I ask where you got the recipe??

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