Wednesday, August 17, 2011

life in the summer

popping over to share a few photos of the crazy patchwork that is my life, recently.

time at the beach, even on a misty day, is always good.

enjoying the morning light

mmmm. korean tacos from marination station at the arboretum. mmm...

Also, the portland book is nearly done. A few more things with deadlines that I must get finished, but then, it's going to be all minibook all the time for like a week around here. promise. I mean, look how fat this thing has gotten:

reflecting on how very very lucky I am to know such great and talented women.

seeing an amazing giant moon. wishing I could see it set into the ocean.

accidental distress with diet coke. sigh.

working like a busy bee.

staying inspired.

amazed at the rejuvenation of the fennel in the back yard.

not pictured: hot humid weather that makes my hair get super frizzy, long hours at work, lack of sleep, the disaster area that is my laundry pile, etc.

hope you are well.

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bananafish said...

love love your blog! just discovered it by web surfing;) I also live in Seattle and I'm gonna try and sign up for your workshop in U Village...hopefully there's still a spot open. I just returned from a trip to portland so your portland mini is major inspiration.

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