Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lady of Mystery and Magic (Altered Card)

The other day I had a wild and desperate need to get my hands painty and NOT work on something that required task batching (i.e. putting class kits together).

This was the result. Scraps and stamps and playing with paint. Good stuff. And just perfect for October.


Maike said...

Love it! You inspire me to do a card as well ;-)

Jeff Hardy said...

amazing work. Now you can use this b2b directory to promote bulk crafts supplies import & export business.

Laila2207 said...

I´ve followed your blog for a long time and love your art. Haven´t seen any updates lately so I just wondered if you have moved your blog? I miss the inspiration :-)

Anonymous said...

Missing your inspiration. Hope all is well...!?


salma said...

You inspire me to do a card as well ;-0)I'll try to made this pretty butterfly's card.......
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