Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Urban Craft Uprising, Winter 2011

This past weekend (before a plague descended upon the house), I had to opportunity to attend the Winter Urban Craft Uprising show. I did a few things differently with this go-round though. I went much later in the afternoon, and I went with two friends!

It was really nice to sleep in (and there were still plenty of craft goodies) and I wasn't really missing the bag of swag too much. My first visit was to the Creation Station booth. They have all kinds of good junk. For six dolla I picked up some good woodgrain laminate board and a few vintage wallpaper samples as well as some bits of leather and some bookrings. 

All three of us girls were completely enamored with the Eggnog Toffee from Tweet Toffee. They also had a super cute booth setup. I bought myself a recycled cashmere hat (it had ruffles!) and Raine and I both bought fancy tea smoked pear preserves at bigspoonjam. We oogled the cupcakes at Look Cake and I visited with the lovely folks at Tako Fibers as well as newcomers This Tiny Existence

There were some completely adorable robot ornaments at Ken C Judd's booth. Denise found lots of inspiration at some of the sewing-related booths. Polly Danger was so incredibly cute and amazing. Her booth was like a copy of Mollie Makes come to life.

We also especially loved the accessories at Amy Bengston, Vermilio, and Fernworks. I still love me some Fable & Fury, though I didn't get anything this time. 

I was really happy to see a lot of letterpress and artisan paper goods booths. Constellation & Co and Slide Sideways are two of my favorites. I also liked the goods at Lark Press and Little Otsu.

I got to do a sample screenprint ornament (the deer below) with a kit from SimpleKraft. We finished the show on a good note. Presents purchased and a good time had. 

Afterwards, we stopped for lunch and coffee and then we went to a tree lot and picked out a tree for Raine's apartment. Afterwards, there was Target shopping. It was a long good day out with the girls. 

Definitely puts me in a holiday mood.

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Tina said...

I wish our craft fairs were half as cool as the ones in Seattle.

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