Saturday, December 10, 2011

JYC: Mini Update

This is my little train case of Christmas embellishments. It makes me so, so happy to rifle through it.(Also, a vintage train case is a way cuter way to store these than the paper sack I was using.)

Finally feel like I'm making progress in my cleaning and organizing. And since I actually was able to clear off my desk enough to scrap tonight, I wanted to pop by and share a few photos of my in-progress holiday journal.

Prompt #2 is totally done, yay! Prompt #3 will be finished once I add some instax photos from my upcoming weekend...

Prompt #4 is aaalmost done. I'm fussing over how I want to do the journaling page. Once I figure it out, I can photograph all these spreads properly.

This weekend looks to be full of holiday-festive-ness.

I'll be taking lots of photos for sure. Happy Friday!

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