Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A very merry weekend.

My weekend was filled with holiday goodness (and it's about time too). 

Saturday began with a trip to the french bakery for breakfast (ganache mochas, yum!), followed by a walk on alki with the boy. It was fun! We saw giant razor clam shells, mussels, a sea anemone husk and even a giant purple jellyfish. 

After our morning together, I abandoned the boy to hang out with friends at their apartment. Gingerbread cupcakes from cupcake royale were had (look at the teeny gingerbread man sprinkles!). We trimmed the tree and listened to classic christmas music. Very festive.

That evening, I met up with Greg again and we headed over to his folks' house for our annual "drink-eggnog-and-decorate-santa-cookies" festivities. Look at all those cookies. That is a LOT of hard work. 

On Sunday, I headed down to some suburbs to hang out with friends and make christsmas cards. Denise, Ashley and baby June all had a fun time crafting and playing with Denise's puppies. Ashley even brought a bunch of her very famous baked treats: handmade truffles and nanaimo bars. We totally got hopped up on sugar and coffee and the joy of playing with stamps and punches. 

I didn't finish my cards, and I had waaaaay too much sugar this weekend, but I loved spending all this time with my friends and doing fun things. That's a good weekend to me. :)


*krystyn* said...

oh those green, red and purple cookies look yummy!!!

Sounds like a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Like your grandmother, such a wonderful artist.

Me said...

I love this; reminds me of my friend and I making sugar scrubs and goodies every time Christmas rolls around :) And the photo of the silver ornaments with the reflection of you taking the photo in them reminds me of M.C. Escher's self portrait and I adore it!

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