Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Around these parts, it is a dark and stormy night.

Having just finished a delicious dinner, we are waiting on trick or treaters and watching some movies.

Our new neighborhood has tons of kids and Greg is thrilled to be on door duty. Between my goth closet and his parents' magic basement, he managed to pull together a truly terrifying Reaper costume at the last moment.

Oh, those poor, poor children. At least they are getting bribed with candy to compensate for their trauma.

As for me, I'm just wearing some normal clothes. But I did put on a special hat. It is a holiday, after all.

Oh yes, and my special sparkly shoes. Can't have a costume without proper sparkly shoes.

With lacy socks, which are, apparently known as "foot panties" by certain gentleman that are confused by terms for ladies footwear. Ahem.

Even though it is a weeknight, hope your evening is fun, spooky, and full of sugar!


Christina said...

i just blew out the candles in our pumpkins on the porch. it's raining too hard here but we did get alot of trick or treaters. happy halloween!
p.s. "foot panties" !?!!! funniest thing i've heard all night!

Stephanie said...

Foot panties?!?!? Bwahahahahhaa.

tenaya said...

"foot panties" made me laugh out loud - at work! LOVE IT!!!!

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