Thursday, November 15, 2012

in which I scrap, but don't share any layouts (yet)

Every November I look forward to going to CKC Seattle (a scrapbooking convention). I treat myself to a class or two, and do a little shopping in the luxury malls near the convention center. It's gotten a little less fancy over the years, as the industry has waned, but it's still good for a fun time. 

This year was no different. I made the rounds of the vendor fair, took a class, and tried out my new crop bag.

The vendor fair was fun. I ran into my boss and her daughter. Cute!

I took a class from CK, since my favorite vendor Technique Tuesday was absent. It was nice. I also got a screaming deal on a subscription, so that was pretty cool.

This is my new crop bag. I ripped the strap off of my old one. It's nice, and has a big center area for things to be stowed. Most importantly, it held all the stuff I bought at the vendor faire. ;)

 I went and checked out the nicely large Anthropologie store. They had their holiday decorations out. I took photos with their polar bears (but they didn't really turn out). I did pick up some handmade chevron paper for me, and an adorable walrus bottle opener as a humorous inside joke present for G.

After surviving horrible traffic, I took a ferry out to the country to get my scrap on with my crafty girls at our super secret retreat location.

I got all set up, and scrapped until the wee hours of the morning. Layouts will be posted as soon as I get them scanned. :)

We scrapped until about 2 am, then we fell over. Somewhere in there I ate some delicious banana cake that Aimee made. Yum.

Did I mention my fancy new camera has an awesome stitch feature? Take that iphone 5!

Oh yes, and food. There was lots of food. We were totally prepared for a supersnowstorm-pocalypse.

Our bossy scrapper challenges kept us productive. I made three layouts and finished two months of project life spreads. Oh yes. It was fantastic. Aren't these ladies amazingly talented? We filled up three walls worth of clothesline with layouts.

And group photos are a must....

This one was stolen from FB.

 Sadly, the weekend did end, and I had to go back to real life.

But I'm totally re-inspired and energized and so so happy these women and this hobby are part of my life.


tenaya said...

I'm so sad the weekend ended; but LOVE that parting shot (almost as much as Aimee's banana cake).

Yoli said...
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Yoli said...

I forgot you are a local gal. :-) A group of my friends spent the weekend much like you did. :-) Like you, we have noticed the slow decline in the number and quality of vendors that participate in the convention. :-( Despite it we had a ball!

Christina said...

soo fun!! you are lucky to have local friends that scrap! i dont hav any

Penny Lane said...

Oh how I wish I had something like that here, too! :)

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