Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rekindle the season

The holiday season has officially kicked off at work (aka Starbucks). I love the red cups and tasty beverages of this time of year. Gingerbread lattes are my favorite.

Since the decorations went up in the stores, I decided to put my starbucks christmas ornament tree up as well. It lives in my cube. I was especially excited by the gold cup this year.

This is the wreath I picked up at an "extras" sale a few years back. That year was one of my favorites. Before I picked up an official wreath, I tried to make my own. The store one is much better.

We opened up a new concept store and they gave us a tiny paper mock up to play with. I haven't been to visit yet, but it looks pretty cool.

These are the decorations they have on all the staircase banisters. I love the little red birds.

Can't wait till I can decorate my house! Because I have a house to decorate this year. So excited.

1 comment:

Jacson White said...

Your decorations are really outstanding..your concept was good and looks very cool..you have done really good work..keep shearing and all the best for your next concept..


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