Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Junque Journal

I've been working out of the same Journal Your Christmas album for the last three years now. I really enjoy it, and it's going to be super fancy when it is done.

But, inspired by this most recent round of Learn Something New Every Day class, and also the fact that I'm doing Project Life AND a separate holiday mini, I decided something a little bit more for play was in order.

I rummaged around through some scraps of other projects, grabbed my cinch and made up a little 4x6 junque book. It's pretty adorable. And I feel absolutely no pressure about making it be pretty or perfect. This is where I am going to get down and dirty with my holiday crafting. If I want to test out a stamp, splooch out some random paint, put in a blurry print, whatever. It will be all good.

But where did all those little scraps come from? Why was I working on something like this in the first place? Well, it's a mystery for now. But, here's a little sneak peek, just for you.

Shhhhh. It's a surprise!


Christina said...

i've been wondering about one of those cinch machines. i watched a couple of heidi swapp videos where she used them & it looks pretty cool!

Brisbane wedding hair and makeup said...

Oh, you are a tease. Just show us more already!

alissa said...

ooooohhh. i LOVE surprises!!!
cute journal!

Heidi Lapis said...

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