Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Morning light.

Sometimes I know I can be a little dark and gloomy. I guess it's my little goth girl roots showing ;)

I made this last night. I once heard a quote about that went something like, photography is simply a way for us to capture light and memory. I thought it was lovely. I might actually have to go look it up.

Alas, I must run off to work now. Happy Tuesday.


Those really are polaroid pictures. I got a new polaroid from goodwill that I didn't test with an empty cartridge and it turns out the film dispense button is jammed or something. Lost a whole pack of film (ouch).


thanks peeps.



arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Super edgy layout!!!

Elaine said...

This was awesome! Its fresh and exciting! Although i am SUPER upset that you lost a whole roll of film because a) no one likes to lose film and b)Being a Polaroid user myself, i know how DANG EXPENSIVE that film is! So that's upsetting. But I'm glad you rose to the occasion and made a page out of it! Way to be a true scrapper! Scrapping the trash!

Mandi said...

sucks about the film!!!!

Hey, I was wondering if you could please refer me to the website where you can send in designs and have them put onto stamps. I think you have done that before, right?

Anonymous said...

I love your comments on polaroids.....thanks for sharing your precious knowledge with us!!


sylv said...

Terrific layout!

Genevieve said...

Beautiful layout, love the Polaroids, sorry that you lost a roll of film though, that's always dissapointing!

Ann-Marie said...

Love that scalloped edge on your layout - stunning!

Kelli said...

Great layout. I love how you stitched the photos on. And very much love the Monty Python-esque PPPPPPS train you were getting on...gave me a chuckle, anyway :o)

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