Friday, October 24, 2008

film fun

alright, I admit it. I am a little bit in love with old neon signs. (especially ones like this at the local cupcake shop/coffeehouse) I think they are SO cool. And I think they look especially cool through the lens of old moody cameras like the Argus and my old polaroids.

I have been experiementing with polaroid colorpack film (and fuji, too). A lot of the shots are really messed up (blurry, underdeveloped, etc.) These are a few shots I took last Sunday that I think turned out particularly nice.
Working with a film camera (even an instant one) is so refreshing after shooting in digital so long. I really like (and don't like) the element of surprise and imperfectness that film gives you.

I really like these photos though. I have been experimenting with self portraits, as inspired by this lovely site. Be on the lookout for a layout this weekend.
Also, new dare. Awesome. So excited to get my scrap on this weekend! Going to knock those out, finish the next mojo, and hopefully work on a mini book.
Also, if I can get the scanner to function, I will post my first ever scrapbook. Made entirely with photos taken on a film camera, a notebook, tape, and magazine pages. It is from 2004, before I ever started really "scrapbooking." Speaking of imperfect....
Just kidding. Got to get back to emails. And coffee.
Happy Friday.


Mandi said...

oooh I love those signs too, Christina! I would love to experiment with film. But I have no idea what I'm doing. hehe

Oh, and by the way, your blog is looking very rad lately. :)

TxScrapAddict said...

Love old neon too! Great pictures!

Beth Perry said...

I really love that first pic!

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