Saturday, October 25, 2008

the story of my very first scrapbook

Once upon a time, in 2004, I went to New York City.

It was my first vacation as a grown up. It was my first long trip with my boyfriend and it was also the longest I had ever been away from home.

I was not a scrapbooker. My camera was a little fujifilm discover. The only photo of myself from that trip was the tourist photo from the boat tour we did on our first day. But I did take some pretty great pictures.

After we got back, I had them developed at the drugstore and wasn't quite satisfied with the idea of just sticking the pictures into a photo album. I decided to make a scrapbook.

[You can see the full book here.]

I bought a blank spiral bound journal from the bookstore. And I used nothing but scraps from magazines, my photos, a black ballpoint pen, and the memorabilia I took back from the trip. The only adhesive I used was scotch tape. (Acid-free, what's that?)

I love this book. It is a little piece of my heart. A little piece of me. From four years ago.

When I look at the book today, I remember the story of our wonderful vacation and it makes me so happy. The book is totally not the same kind of book I would make now. I am a different person now. A different kind of artist.

If I could go back in a time machine, I would have taken a ton more photos, and journaled more, and sprayed acid-remover stuff on the receipts. Also there would be paint and proper adhesive and other things from my little stash. :D

But I wouldn't want to re-do this story in a different way. It took me a whole winter to make this book. And I am so proud of it.

Looking at this book reminds me so much that scrapbooking isn't all about the products. It really isn't. (Though I do love me some products.) And it isn't about getting praise or winning contests (although it is always nice when it happens).

It is about telling a story. Your story. And making something, and doing something that you love. There really isn't any one true way to capture your memories. Take a photograph, save a receipt, knit a pot-holder, write a blog post, whatever makes you happy. There is no wrong way to celebrate your memories.

That is why I do what I do.

Thanks for reading along and sharing this story with me.

Happy Saturday to you.

I have never successfully knitted anything in my life. knitting is for people with better hand-eye coordination than me. I have total respect for the craft, but I am totally that girl who would poke her eye out with her knitting needles if given half a chance. seriously.

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Holly said...

thank you for this blog entry. it's so true - and lately i've been feeling like i want to take a break from scrapbooking or atleast not do it as much and focus on other art creatives i'm doing. and you're right - that's telling my story too. it still is super important.

also - love new york. cute scrapbook!

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